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Interswitch Head Offices

Design, fabrication and fit-out of Interswitch Head Offices in V.I spanning four separate building complexes with various spaces including board rooms, Reception Lobbies, Open Offices, Executive
Lounges and Conference rooms.

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Symphony Courts

This 5-unit four-bedroom development in Royal Garden boasts a timeless, distinct Architectural style complemented by its modern but cosy interiors with its rustic and earthy hues and textures.

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Creek Haven home, Lekki

Design, fabrication and fit-out of a private residential space in Lekki.
This subtly rustic-inspired home is all shades of earth and warmth as the filtered light interacts with the different textures of leather, wood and granite

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Pinnacle, Lekki Offices

Design, fabrication and fit-out of Pinnacle Offices in Lekki featuring a multifunction open office space with workstations, theatre seating area and wooden
planter partitions that throw in a splash of color into the space

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Wannifuga Stores

Design, fabrication and fit-out of a commercial ready-to-wear clothing and lifestyle store in Lekki.


Subtle hues of coral and gold give a calming, serene feel to the space, accented by the framed and pedestalled display figures.

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Sangotedo Landscaping Project

Transformation of a residential backyard pool into an inviting and functional space with a wooden Gazebo, black lacquer feature pot planters
and astroturf.

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“The Sun does not realise how wonderful it is until after a room is made.”

Louis Kahn

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